Ch.4: Costume Party

08-24-17_11-39-26 AM

Ophelia’s morning started like any other preparing breakfast for her guests except Leo was already awake and eating a bowl of cereal

Leo: Uhh…I was up early and got hungry

Ophelia: It’s fine; I’ll just remove your portion

Leo: what about later?

Ophelia smiled the sweetest smile: Make yourself something

Leo smiling: harsh

08-24-17_11-40-51 AM

At that moment, Isaac walked in with a bowl of frank and beans…

Isaac than saw déjà vu: Pete made frank and beans on the patio…

08-24-17_11-42-13 AM

Ophelia finished making the fruit salad and took Leo’s now vacant seat

Isaac mumbling: ok, she’s sitting next to you say something…say something

Pete: Well you should know since I can hear everything you’re saying, I’m pretty sure she can as well.

Isaac blushed and kept his head down while he ate silently next to Ophelia, even if he was embarrassed he wasn’t giving up this seat.

08-24-17_12-04-36 PM

Ophelia decided they all needed to get out of the house and do something so she came up with a fun idea. She hosted a costume party at her favorite hangout.

Everyone dressed in a costume and there were 3 sims dressed like clowns, 2 pizza guys, 2 maids, and a hotdog

08-24-17_12-08-01 PM08-24-17_12-08-09 PM

Ophelia bowled with some of the guys and tried to get to know them better and one of them pulled off a body gag. (I’m sorry I don’t know if it’s Cooper or Ike they look the same in the costumes! Lol)

08-24-17_12-15-35 PM

Later on in the game another body gag was pulled by another clown (again I don’t know if it was Ike or Cooper)

08-24-17_12-11-11 PM

Leo practiced his dance moves and Isaac debating on getting a drink or not

08-24-17_12-12-00 PM

And Roderick was a dancing hotdog

Roderick: oh yea, the ladies are staring I know it

08-24-17_12-27-55 PM

Ophelia tended the bar and all the guys gathered around

Roderick: a juice on the rocks, sweet thing

Korbin: a citrus lemon, please gorgeous

Isaac: O-ophelia, Can I have an Ice tea please?

The orders kept coming in and Ophelia wasn’t sure she could keep up but she was thankful when she saw Leo get up and walk away.

08-24-17_1-00-37 PM

Back at home Ophelia gathered everyone in the hot-tub

Ophelia: I wanted you all together because there’s an elimination coming up and well honestly I’m not quite sure who to send home. I feel like I need to get to know you guys some more before I can decide so tomorrow I’m going to talk with each of you one on one and hopefully come to a decision

All the guys thought about what she said and just hoped they didn’t do something tomorrow like ruin their time with her and get themselves eliminated.


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