Ch.6: Elimination #1

08-24-17_2-41-28 PM

Tonight was the night Ophelia had to make a choice who was to go and who was to stay. She still wasn’t sure if her decision was right but it was one that made sense for her.

08-24-17_7-30-51 PM

Ophelia: Korbin will you take this rose?

Korbin: I sure will!

08-24-17_7-37-05 PM

Ophelia: Will you accept this rose?

Cooper: Yes ma’am, I will

08-24-17_7-41-41 PM

Ophelia: Leo will accept this rose?

Leo: I believe I will accept this rose

08-24-17_7-46-54 PM

Ophelia: This rose is for you, will you accept?

Ike: yes I will

08-24-17_7-48-29 PM

Ophelia: Pete, will you accept my rose?

Pete: I think I’d be insane not to

08-24-17_7-50-01 PM

Ophelia was down to the final two, Roderick or Isaac, Isaac or Roderick who will go home and who will stay?

A/N: The order they received their roses was done at random so this order means nothing 😀


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