Ch.7: Discovery

08-24-17_7-52-53 PM

Ophelia: Isaac will you accept this rose?

Isaac: I-I will be honored

08-24-17_7-54-15 PM

Ophelia: Roderick you’re a very…confident man…but I just don’t think we’re compatible enough.

Roderick: Hey don’t worry it’s your loss.

And with that Roderick was gone.

08-25-17_7-03-26 PM08-25-17_7-04-06 PM

The next morning Leo was walking to the back of the house when he heard crying from the closet.

Leo: Are you okay?

Ophelia: Y-yes…No…

Leo: Ophelia? What were you doing in there?

Ophelia came out the closet: I just feel so bad about Roderick

Leo: hey don’t worry about it, you made the decision you thought best

Ophelia: Than why do I feel so bad!

Leo: Cause you’re a nice person, what you need to do is take your mind off it.

Ophelia agreed and decided to throw a party

08-25-17_6-57-02 PM08-25-17_6-57-29 PM

Ophelia’s party was off to a great start especially when the DJ booth caught fire. Ike was the first at the scene but was soon joined by Peter and Korbin, even Ophelia ran outback to help if needed.

08-25-17_6-59-00 PM

Of course, with the majority of the household outback putting the fire out there was no need for Isaac, Leo, and Cooper to go help out so instead they ran to the front and waited till it was put out.

08-25-17_6-52-18 PM

With all the help the fire was out quickly and the party was able to resume. Ophelia decided to have a drink, just one drink. She didn’t have a problem with drinking and she drank with her best friend every now and then. Of course, her best friend never told her what happened when she drank and Ophelia thought she had no bad habits from drinking.

08-25-17_7-11-30 PM

Ophelia found herself in the living room with Cooper

Ophelia giggled: Cooper, do you know I like you

Cooper: huh?

Ophelia tripped over her own foot and fell into Cooper’s arms

Ophelia: My hero, you deserve a prize

Cooper in a daze on what was happening had his lips stolen by Ophelia and at that moment Isaac walked in…

08-25-17_7-13-32 PM08-25-17_7-14-20 PM


The shy Isaac had raised his voice and brought Ike into the room

Cooper: Hey calm down, she kissed me


Cooper and Ike got a look at Ophelia and could tell something was off about her.

08-25-17_7-15-59 PM

Ophelia turned her attention to Isaac

Ophelia: My Isaac, you were so manly!

Ophelia leaned in to give Isaac a kiss when he gently took her arm

Isaac: You are going to bed!

Ophelia wiggled and pulled her arm out Isaac’s grasp

Ophelia: NO! I haven’t talked to everyone yet

08-25-17_7-16-27 PM

With Ophelia’s luck more of the guys had walked in, because they had heard Ophelia was drunk and just had to see it for themselves.

08-25-17_7-17-30 PM

Ophelia saw Korbin sitting on the sofa by himself and joined him after escaping Isaac

Ophelia batted her eyes flirtatiously: Korbin my red-haired man

Korbin held back a smile: I think someone is drunk…

Ophelia smiled: no, I’m not! I had one drink

Korbin couldn’t believe their red-haired beauty got drunk off of one glass but than again none of them could. Soon he noticed Ophelia’s head falling for his shoulder, the minx had falling asleep after all the trouble she caused. All the guys looked at her and shook their heads wondering if she would remember any of this tomorrow, with that the boys discovered why Ophelia’s friend rarely drank with her.


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