Ch.10: Phoenix

08-28-17_3-08-08 PM

Phoenix: Phelia!

Ophelia turned from her work: Phoenix!

Ophelia ran into his arms and gave him a big hug

Ophelia: how long have you been standing there? Wait, when did you arrive?

Phoenix laughed: Slow down, slow down… I just arrived so I haven’t been standing here long.

Ophelia looked at the time: Oh my, it’s 5am

Phoenix yawned: I’m borrowing part of your bed

Ophelia: go ahead; I need to finish this painting

08-28-17_3-12-15 PM

Korbin came out the room he shared with the other guys and was shocked as a man came out of Ophelia’s room

Korbin: Why are you coming out of Ophelia’s room?

Phoenix: because you and some others are in my room.

Korbin raised an eyebrow and was about to ask another question…

Phoenix: Just get all the guys together and I’ll introduce myself

08-28-17_3-16-05 PM08-28-17_3-15-31 PM

Phoenix sat in the living room waiting for everyone to join him and when he was sure everyone was gathered he introduced himself.

Phoenix: Hi, I’m Phoenix Urban, Phelia’s twin brother older by 1 minute and 40 seconds. Ask any questions you have.

Cooper: Why couldn’t Ophelia tell us about you herself?

Phoenix: Ah, well when our parents were divorced my father’s parents insisted I live with them and my father but they also wanted my mother to forget about me.

Ike: that doesn’t make sense how does a mother forget about her own child?

Phoenix: good question but the answer is she doesn’t, our mother never forgot about me and Phelia and I always felt a part of us was missing from being separated.

Isaac: but why would your grandparents want only you and not Ophelia?

Phoenix: Another good question, my father was the sole heir to my grandfather’s vast wealth and his successor to his corporation. When my parents divorced my grandfather insisted I was raised by him so I could be the third generation successor.

Korbin: and Ophelia?

Phoenix: well in my grandparents world daughters weren’t needed unless they wanted to merge with other company’s so they’d marry off daughters to eligible sons of other major corporations but there weren’t any eligible corporations around so they didn’t need Phelia.

Cooper nodded knowing how the world of the rich worked but quickly caught himself and hoped no one noticed.

Phoenix: Well enough of this serious chat, how about some fun?

08-28-17_3-21-10 PM

Peter: So did you know about Ophelia’s drinking habit?

Phoenix laughed: I can assume you all experienced it?

They all nodded

Phoenix: I knew of her habit, I took her drinking on her 21st birthday and experienced it for the first time. Now I rarely give her an opportunity to drink, one mouth to mouth kiss with my sister is too much.

The guys all nodded thinking if it had been their sister they’d keep her from drinking too.

Phoenix: So which of you lucky guys did she kiss?

Cooper hesitated but raised his hand

Phoenix gave him a hard stare: I’ll see you in the yard

All the guys sucked in their breathes even Cooper gulped

Phhoenix replaced his stare with a smile: I’m only kidding, who else is hungry?

08-28-17_3-48-00 PM08-28-17_3-51-06 PM

Phoenix treated the guys to dinner at a restaurant and after getting a look at the place the guys begun to wonder how rich Phoenix was.

When the meal was done and paid for Phoenix and the guys went their separate ways. The guys returned to Ophelia’s house with alot to think about and Phoenix to his.


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