Ch.11: Official First Date

Today was the day of Ophelia’s Art show, her first art show ever since breaking out of her bubble. She was a bit nervous but was made even more nervous knowing she was allowed to take only one guy as her guests and it would be an official first date. Her first obstacle though was finding something to wear!

08-28-17_4-38-51 PM08-28-17_4-43-12 PM

Ophelia was checking the gallery again just to make sure everything was in its place when Cooper appeared…

Cooper: A rose for thy lady which doesn’t compare to how beautiful you look this afternoon.

Ophelia blushed: Thank you

08-28-17_4-47-18 PM

Cooper: so what story does a painting of pots tell?

Ophelia laughed: That I can’t tell you, you have to figure out what the artist’s wanted to say on your own.

08-28-17_4-51-06 PM08-28-17_4-49-47 PM

Random Sim: Excuse me miss, are you the one who painted this lovely painting?

Ophelia smiled at the compliment: Yes, I was

Random sim: This is amazing artwork; I’d like to purchase it please.

Ophelia suddenly became busy talking to others and selling her artwork but it allowed Cooper to see a whole another side to Ophelia.

08-28-17_4-52-45 PM

Cooper: you did it, you made it through all on your own

Ophelia smiled at the realization: I did, didn’t I

08-28-17_5-00-57 PM

Cooper: please gentler

Random sim: oh I’m sorry is the pressure too much for you


Ophelia giggling: What’s the matter Cooper?

Cooper: N- OWWW – thing

08-28-17_5-04-24 PM08-28-17_5-06-26 PM

Ophelia decided they should sweat it out in the sauna but was suddenly overcome with the heat and Cooper made a move to bring her closer to him.

08-28-17_5-09-39 PM

Ophelia wanted to do yoga next but Cooper was reluctant at first but after seeing the view from his position he understood why some men did yoga.

08-28-17_5-14-10 PM

The date was slowly coming to an end…

Ophelia: So what did you think of today?

Cooper grabbed Ophelia’s hands and kissed them: I had a lovely time and enjoyed your company very much.

Ophelia smiled: I had a great time too, thank you for not being bothered during the art show.

Cooper: I got to meet business Ophelia it was worth it and yoga made up for it very much.

Ophelia wondered how yoga made up for it and was about to ask when she was taken by surprise…

08-28-17_5-14-56 PM

Cooper knew that she had already kissed him once but she didn’t remember it at all and he took a chance to create a memory that would be remembered.

Cooper broke off the kiss: I really enjoyed our time together, I’ll see you at home.

Cooper left Ophelia standing there a bit weak kneed. Ophelia’s legs felt like jelly she had to calm herself down before she was able to walk home. On her walk she thought about the elimination that was once again upon her. She really hated the elimination but knew it was necessary to find her hopeful one. Her only problem now was who she was going to say goodbye too this time.


2 thoughts on “Ch.11: Official First Date

  1. minjeekang August 29, 2017 / 4:03 pm

    Cooper is doing quite well! 😀 But Cooper, that is NOT the way to enjoy yoga haha Oooh Cooper’s managed to share two kisses with Ophelia already! ❤ I wonder if the other guys will get jealous!


    • cmbaker16 August 30, 2017 / 2:58 pm

      Jealousy is a scary thing 😀


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