Ch.13: Pool Outing

08-29-17_5-05-35 PM08-29-17_5-06-17 PM

Ophelia had decided to take the guys out of the house and go to the local pool. They were all sitting on the side when…

Cooper: So have any of you had a past relationship?

Ophelia just looked away from Cooper and tried to keep her head up, Korbin and Ike however lowered their heads down as if they were guilty.

08-29-17_4-50-14 PM

When Ophelia was left on her own she lifted her hand to her head in embarrassment. The fact was Ophelia had never been in a relationship before.

08-29-17_5-04-37 PM

As Ophelia was feeling embarrassed, Korbin sat next to her

Korbin: so…was there anyone before you signed up for Rock n’ Romance and decided to do this?

Ophelia didn’t want the truth to get out so she tried to change the topic

Ophelia: So you were in the military, what was that like?

Ophelia realized what she just asked Korbin and apologized but Ophelia just became even more embarrassed and Korbin began to feel embarrassed.

As the evening wore on, everyone grew tired of swimming and decided to let loose on the dance floor. They all danced trying to forget the earlier events; they even pulled off a group dance. The guys even learned that Ophelia could dance.

08-29-17_5-21-27 PM

They ended the evening with a plate of grilled chicken Ophelia had prepared, and they ate quietly among themselves.


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