Ch.14: Karaoke and Bowling

08-29-17_5-59-37 PM

Ophelia had chosen Ike to go on a solo date with her they started off by chatting at the table…

Ike: I’m glad you invited me

Ophelia: I’m glad you made it, I hope you don’t mind that I choice this place

Ike: not at all, I love to let my singing voice out every once in a while

Ophelia smiled: on that note, I’m next

08-29-17_5-55-08 PM

Ike couldn’t believe that the Ophelia he knew was going to get up and sing to a bunch of strangers.

08-29-17_6-02-23 PM

When Ophelia started singing Ike was pleasantly surprised, he knew a few people in the entertainment industry who would kill for Ophelia’s talent.

08-29-17_6-04-23 PM

Ophelia finished her song and rejoined Ike…

Ophelia: ok movie star, it’s your turn

Ike was caught by surprise; he had only sung once and was told by his agent to never sing again. He was sure it be fine in this situation…

Ike went up and began his song; Ophelia could not believe what she was hearing. Ike sounded like he had a frog in his throat and he was way out of tune. Ophelia could not let it go on and decided to help Ike out. By the time the song was finished Ike was able to sing in tune but the frog was still in his throat.

The next day Ophelia took Korbin out to try and make up for the incident at the pool. She felt like at home her and Korbin didn’t get a chance to talk a lot and they never got to talk at the pool so Ophelia decided she needed some one-on-one time with him.

Ophelia: Kor are you sure you can bowl?

Korbin: of course I can

Ophelia: than where’s your ball?

Korbin: huh?

Ophelia: Yes right down the middle, I’m sure it’s a strike

Korbin: well you knocked some pins over

Ophelia: uh…opps

Korbin chuckled: are the balls too heavy for you?

Ophelia: No, no, they’re fine

08-29-17_6-28-00 PM08-29-17_6-29-24 PM

Ophelia: Yes, yes, YES!

Korbin: die, die, DIE!

Ophelia: it’s the final round, go, go, go! Watch the lava!

Random sim: oh they made it to the final round; I’ll just join in and say I did it on my own…

08-29-17_6-56-35 PM08-29-17_6-54-23 PM

After all the excitement, Ophelia and Korbin realized they were very hungry and got a table at the diner.

Korbin: so is that cup a new accessory?

Ophelia: No it seems to be stuck, what about your plate trying to start a new fashion statement?

Korbin and Ophelia just laughed

They even looked at the menu with the dishes stuck to them and that is where I reset them to unstick the dishes.

08-29-17_6-59-04 PM

Ophelia: so pizza taco?

Korbin: it’s the best way to eat it

Ophelia: I prefer rolling it to the point, pizza roll

Korbin: nah, pizza taco is the way to go

Ophelia: agree to disagree?

Korbin: Agree

Ophelia: I knew you’d prefer pizza roll…

Korbin couldn’t believe he was just tricked but laughed and realized he was actually enjoying himself with the minx.


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