Ch.16: Dinner Party and Dating

08-31-17_12-10-32 PM

Ophelia had decided to throw a dinner party, it was something simple and gave her a chance to talk to all the guys at once.

08-31-17_12-11-08 PM

Korbin: so you guys know the plan?

Ike and cooper: yes

Korbin: let’s go through it one more time

Cooper: Korbin, all we’re doing is giving Ophelia non-alcoholic drinks it’s not that hard.

Ike nodded: Cooper knows what he’s doing

Korbin: fine, don’t run the scenario

08-31-17_12-15-23 PM

Ophelia: the fruit just need to cook a little longer than it’ll be ready

Ike: you really like grilled fruit don’t you?

Ophelia: it’s one of my favorite meals.

Korbin: so what’s your favorite drink?

Ophelia: Rootbeer floats, I know it’s not really a drink but it’s good

Cooper: is something burning?

Ophelia: OH NO!

08-31-17_12-18-22 PM

Ophelia: well at least it didn’t burn too long, it looks delicious still

The guys were a bit scared to take a bite but they knew Ophelia had been working on the meal all afternoon. They were pleasantly surprised that it hadn’t been effected it did taste delicious and they all complimented Ophelia on it.

The next day…

08-31-17_12-35-25 PM

Ophelia decided with three gentlemen left she needed to do some speed dating so she went to a café with Ike.

Ophelia took note of how herself and Ike were dressed: We look like an urban couple

Ike: well your last name is urban so we are a urban couple

Ophelia laughed because she hadn’t thought of that and found it funny

Ike knew that there was a possibility that he could be eliminated tomorrow and decided to surprise Ophelia with something he had been working on…

08-31-17_12-44-55 PM

Ike singing: I met a girl

She was as pretty as could be with ruby like hair

And sapphire blue eyes

Yea she was pretty

So so pretty

I met a girl

Who loved art with a passion

She was as pretty as could be in her cut off jean shorts

And paint splattered shirt

Yea she was pretty

So so pretty

I met a girl

I wish she could be mine

Oh be mine.

08-31-17_12-45-58 PM

Ophelia smiled and clapped and Ike got caught up in the moment and pulled her in for a kiss but he caught himself and stopped just as he took hold of her hand. He decided it was enough for now.

08-31-17_12-48-54 PM

Ophelia next date was with Korbin they sat and chatted for awhile but off in the distance something had caught Korbin’s eye.

Korbin: is that an easel?

Ophelia looked in the direction Korbin pointed too and her eyes light up

Korbin could tell his minx wanted to paint so he came up with a plan

Korbin: you can paint if you like, but you have to paint me

Ophelia thought about it: Alright, I’ve never done a portrait before

So Ophelia and Korbin went to the easel where she painted him. When the painting was done Korbin couldn’t believe the likeness of the painting to himself and when Ophelia offered it to him as a gift he couldn’t contain his excitement he kissed Ophelia.

08-31-17_1-09-36 PM

Cooper: Ophelia my love, I’m so happy to see you

Ophelia smiled: likewise

08-31-17_1-11-27 PM

Before she realized what was happening, Cooper swept Ophelia off her feet and kissed her passionately.


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