Ch.17: Elimination #5

08-31-17_1-20-36 PM

Ophelia was once again dreading the eliminations all three guys were sweet and charming even funny but now she had to choose one to leave…

08-31-17_1-22-35 PM

Ophelia: Ike, will you accept this rose?

Ike: it’s a pleasure as always

08-31-17_1-24-50 PM

Ophelia was left with Cooper and Korbin, she stared at them in thought. She had thought hard about her decision last night and believed she was making the right choice.

08-31-17_1-26-54 PM

Ophelia: Kor, will you accept this rose?

Korbin: I’d love to, my minx

08-31-17_1-30-11 PM

Ophelia turned to Cooper: Cooper you’ve been really great but I think all we have between us is passion, there’s no friendship. Even though I’m looking for a partner, I also want a partner who can be a life-long friend. I hope you can understand that.

Cooper being sarcastic: oh, sure let’s just be friends than

With that Cooper stormed off because he really thought they had something but clearly it was just him.

08-31-17_1-40-13 PM

Ophelia looked at the last two gentlemen left and knew to choose one she’d have to spend a few days with each of them. She decided she’d take a trip with each one but now she had to decide where she was taking who and when.


One thought on “Ch.17: Elimination #5

  1. minjeekang September 2, 2017 / 2:57 pm

    Awh Cooper, it’s okay lad, you’ve done well! I’ll find you a nice lady in my save…! Now I’m curious who’s going to win!


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