Ch.18: Camping

08-31-17_9-11-30 PM

Ike’s morning had been his most bizarre morning while staying with Ophelia. He had awoken and was handed a set of clothing by Ophelia as she rushed into her own room. Today was the day she chosen to take Ike on his trip but she’d been very secretive about it. His clothes were maybe a clue since Ophelia had bought them for him especially for this trip.

08-31-17_9-21-59 PM

Ophelia: so Ike you know how to pitch a tent?

Ike: um…it’s been so long I don’t know if I remember

08-31-17_9-34-34 PM

Ophelia had taken command and their camp was set within a few hours. Ike was really shocked at how commanding Ophelia could be.

After hours of setting up camp, Ophelia and Ike needed to relax so they played some games…

Ophelia: hehehe…

Ike: you have the card don’t you

Ophelia: you shall never know

Except it was written all over her face and he knew

They also played don’t wake the llama

Ophelia: Yes, I am winning

Ike: don’t be so sure I am a master at this game

Ophelia: Oh no

Ike: well the llama is woken

08-31-17_9-46-26 PM08-31-17_9-48-29 PM

Ike: a little girl starts walking the steps of her house when she hears a voice from the top, your on the first step, I’m going to get you, she continues, and the voice speaks again, your on the second step, I’m going to get you…finally the girl is on the last step…

Ophelia: AHHH! What’s that noise?

Ike turns to look behind Ophelia and was shocked to see the trash can floating and out jumps a ghost

Ophelia turned and screamed: GHOST!!!!

08-31-17_9-50-16 PM

Ike pulled Ophelia in his arms

Ike: it’s alright Ophelia I’m sure it’s a friendly ghost, ow

Ophelia had hit Ike in the back

Ophelia: I don’t care make it go away

08-31-17_9-51-48 PM

Ike took hold of Ophelia’s hands

Ike: look it’s gone, how about we get some sleep?

Ophelia: fine, but I don’t want to hear any complaining if I wake you up in the middle of the night.

Ike chuckled as Ophelia walked off towards the tent.

08-31-17_9-57-21 PM

The two of them slept soundly through the night not a single sound could wake them up.

08-31-17_10-04-20 PM08-31-17_10-06-08 PM

The next day…

Ophelia and Ike took a walk through the woods and came across an amazing scenery. Ophelia wished she had thought to bring her camera but her phone would have to do.

08-31-17_10-07-44 PM

Before their trip ended, Ike wanted to create a special memory for them and thought he would never find a more perfect place. Ike took a chance and kissed Ophelia for the first time.


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