Ch.19: Beach House

08-31-17_10-35-21 PM

Korbin’s trip had started just as hectic as Ike’s, he too was handed a set of clothing and was told to change into them by a rushed Ophelia. His minx had found away to put him in blue.

08-31-17_10-39-02 PM

Ophelia: I welcome you to my family beach house

Korbin looked at the house and was overwhelmed it looked just as enchanting as Ophelia’s home.

Ophelia was giving Korbin a tour of the house when he noticed something outback.

Korbin: is that a basketball hoop?

Ophelia looked in the yard: Oh, it’s still there

Korbin: you play?

Ophelia: not very well

Korbin: One game?

Ophelia: alright

So Korbin got to witness Ophelia bad skills but on the other hand Ophelia got to witness Korbin’s equally bad skills.

After their game, they decided to settle inside with a movie. They watched simder of the dead a horror movie which they both laughed at. (Yes I  know Ophelia freaked out over a ghost at the camp but seeing a ghost in real life is nothing compared to a cheesy horror film 😀 )

08-31-17_11-10-47 PM

Ophelia and Korbin had slept soundly after the movie, so watching a horror movie before bed didn’t bother either one of them.

08-31-17_11-05-35 PM08-31-17_11-08-06 PM

Korbin: Good morning my minx

Ophelia yawned: Kor, are you cooking?

Korbin: why, yes I am

Ophelia: do you even know how to cook?

Korbin: one way to find out

Korbin then presented grilled cheese sandwiches

Ophelia: I guess you can’t go wrong with grilled cheese

Ophelia dug in enjoying every bit not caring that this was her breakfast.

08-31-17_11-01-22 PM08-31-17_11-02-06 PM

Ophelia and Korbin were sitting outback, Korbin knew this was his last trip with her and maybe even the last time he’d see her so he made a move than looked deeply into her eyes.

Korbin: I want you to know that no matter what happens tomorrow I hope you follow your heart, if it’s not me than it’s meant to be

Ophelia didn’t know what to say to that but she had to tell him this

Ophelia: Thank you, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I do know there will be a lot of thought put into it. And if it’s not you than I hope we can still be friends.

Korbin: of course, my minx


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