Ch.3: Vamprism, is that all?

09-20-18_6-08-33 PM

Once I woke I tended to my plants as usual but my head had been spinning all night wondering about Caleb and worrying about his condition. I wondered how serious it was, about the symptoms, and what I might be able to do to help him out besides meeting him at night. Though it did have a romantic feel about it, like we were secret lovers that shouldn’t be. I laughed at my own imagination than headed to the library.

09-20-18_6-14-25 PM09-20-18_6-16-32 PM

I started with the internet thinking it be a good place to start but as I looked and searched I found very little to no help. Though I wasn’t exactly sure on his condition but I know he couldn’t go in the sun, he was pale which I guess was due too not being in the sun. He also didn’t really seem to eat much at the party I wondered if that was part of his condition as well. Finally, I gave up with the computer and asked a librarian. She asked me a few questions, one wanting to know where he was from. He had told me he was from Forgotten Hollow. The librarian got me the book I was looking for from the back. As I read, a secret smile formed, we really were secret lovers. He was a vampire and now that I knew his condition was vampirism I could return home as it wasn’t a serious issue.

Back at home, gnomes had taken over my garden. It was harvestfest but since I had no kitchen or a home at that I didn’t celebrate. I did try to appease the gnomes with no luck. I guess they didn’t like my gifts.

09-20-18_6-53-04 PM09-20-18_6-53-17 PM

After all my saving I was finally able to create a small home and got a shower, yay I won’t smell anymore! It was a good thing I had this shelter too as the first snowfall had fallen. I still had to sleep in the tent but i’m sure i’ll have a bed before the first snowstorm hopefully.


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