Ch.4: Heat of the Moment Marriage!

09-20-18_7-49-26 PM

This morning I woke up and knew I had to get a job. The garden was doing well so was the flower stall but it wasn’t enough. I needed a more steady income winter was coming and I didn’t want to be sleeping in a tent. I joined the gardener career I just hoped I loved it just as much as I did working in my own garden.

09-20-18_8-02-47 PM

All Hollow’s Eve was upon us but I ended up spending it in my garden dressed as the grim reaper. I didn’t even get a single trick or treater, I wondered if I lived too far out.

09-20-18_8-15-04 PM09-20-18_8-18-16 PM

Caleb came over to visit and had news of a romance festival, but before we checked it out Caleb and I made our relationship official. We were boyfriend and girlfriend and I couldn’t be happier.

09-20-18_8-23-09 PM09-20-18_8-25-31 PM

When we arrived we could feel the flirty vibe and all around us couples were declaring their love for one another it really was quite something. We decided to consult the love guru on our relationship and were quite satisfied with his response.

09-20-18_8-28-21 PM09-20-18_8-28-41 PM

The guru had told us not to make any plans so we didn’t. Right in the heat of the moment I proposed to Caleb than we proceed to get married. I knew it would be tough on Caleb living my style of life but we were sure we’d figure it out.


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