Ch.7: A Robinson is Born

With the selling of our winterfest gifts and Caleb’s new love of writing we managed to add to the house even more and prepare the baby’s room.

09-23-18_1-09-02 PM

Which was at a good time as just as we had finished the additions our little one decided to make his or her entrance to the world.

09-23-18_1-15-15 PM09-23-18_1-12-18 PM

We headed straight to the hospital. Caleb had gone into a panic but he had calmed down enough to support me through the birth. Especially, when the doctor seemed unsure of what she was doing, it gave us both quite a fright.

09-23-18_1-31-59 PM

In the end Kaden Robinson was born safe and healthy into the world.

09-23-18_1-46-17 PM09-23-18_1-44-14 PM

Our days became filled with a routine that evolved around Kaden. In the morning I cared for Kaden, while at night Caleb took over. It was quite draining, but we couldn’t of been happier.


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