Ch.8: New Year’s Eve

09-23-18_2-20-44 PM

Time surely flew by as I couldn’t believe our baby boy was having a birthday today. Caleb and I had gotten together and sang happy birthday to him. He smiled at the sound of our voices and seemed to enjoy our singing.

09-23-18_2-40-31 PM

Kaden was a silly child but we loved to hear him laugh and he loved to make us laugh. One day I had walked into the living room and found Kaden just bobbing to the radio and I just couldn’t hold in my laughter as he threw in a goofy move just for me.

09-23-18_3-19-59 PM

Soon New Year’s Eve was here, at 10pm Caleb and I had gathered around the t.v. ready to count down to midnight. We had even woken Kaden up for the event cause we thought he couldn’t miss out.

09-23-18_3-20-47 PM

At midnight, Caleb and I had shared a New Year’s kiss. We thanked each other for the year we had and made promises to make next year better.

09-23-18_3-23-31 PM

Before we called it a night, we took Kaden outside and lite fireworks. Keeping Kaden at a safe distance from them in my arms.


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