Letter 6

Dear Sister,

Maple and Rosewood were teens now so far there’s been no teenage problems or attitudes. Maple seemed more interested in her studies than anything else but than I found out why. Maple had wanted to show me how responsible she could be and convinced me to let her bring home a foal; she even built it a barn. She told me she wanted to rescue animals and give them good homes. She really tore at my heart. Rosewood seemed way more interested in video games than her studies until I got her a guitar. She’d play it for hours learning the cords, I learned she wanted to be a pop star. I knew that path wasn’t easy so we made a deal she agreed to do her best at her studies and go for a degree at university in case the singing didn’t work out. I was very proud of my girls but realized how lonely I was going to feel when they both went off to university, perhaps I should find someone…

Your loving sister,

Cherry Blossom


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