1.10: The Grand Opening

09-25-18_10-18-34 PM09-25-18_10-17-59 PM

First I think you should know we finally managed to update the house some more. Our hard-work is really starting to pay off. We not really sure what style the house was but it accommodated us all and that’s all that mattered.

My dream finally came true! I was finally able to open Elise’s Flowers. I’d say the grand opening was a success. I had sold out the day I opened and I couldn’t believe it.

Back at home it was the Festival of Eggs, Kaden and Leon searched everywhere looking for eggs form under the beds to the mailbox. They didn’t get too lucky but they did find four eggs all together.

09-27-18_3-04-57 PM

Kaden also got to meet the flower bunny and asked a bunch of questions like why a bunny hid eggs for them to find and why a bunny was the mascot for a egg holiday. I’m pretty sure the Flower Bunny was at a lost.

09-27-18_3-11-17 PM

Lastly, we all gathered at the table for a delicious ham meal to end the Festival of Eggs holiday.

09-25-18_9-07-56 PM09-25-18_8-34-58 PM

I forgot to mention that we celebrated Kaden’s birthday the day before the festival of eggs but before he was brought to the cake Caleb managed to get a shot of him and Leon hugging, it seemed Kaden liked his baby brother very much.


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