1.11: Vampire No More

09-30-18_10-42-21 PM

It was a normal Saturday morning, I was in the garden tending to my plants. When Caleb had made a very big decision that I didn’t even know he’d been thinking about.

09-30-18_11-08-57 PM09-30-18_11-09-20 PM

Caleb had been doing a lot of studying up on vampires and their lore, after having studied everything he could he started collecting garlic, plasma fruit, and wolfsbane from the garden. I hadn’t thought anything of it but it turned it they were all the ingredients for the Ultimate Vampire Cure. When I asked why he drank it he told me he wanted to grow old with me and that was it. He even put up a few extra potions for Kaden and Leon for when and if they decided to cure their own vampirism.

Kaden couldn’t seem to go anywhere without Fidget nearby. If he was in his room playing, Fidget was in his bed nearby watching. If Kaden was outside Fidget was too and wanted to play. Eventually, Kaden started to train Fidget in hopes that he’d learn to listen and stay when he needed too.

09-30-18_11-36-00 PM09-30-18_11-36-15 PM

At the shop, I managed to grow it but it was quite empty. It was because everytime I stocked it the items sold. I was always sold out not long after I restocked. I decided I needed to add a workroom and move my flower arranging bench here so I could always make stock once an item sold.

09-30-18_11-40-16 PM

Kaden had come with me to the shop and while I was chatting with customers he had gone outside to play and made a friend. He learned her name was Evie Delgato and he saw that she was upset over something. So he made it his mission to cheer her up and they had become instant friends.


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