1.9: Parent’s Day

09-23-18_3-35-48 PM09-23-18_3-36-31 PM

When I awoke I was greeted with a hug from Kaden just as Caleb was. It was parents day and Kaden had learned about it at daycare and decided to give us each a hug.

09-23-18_3-37-40 PM09-23-18_3-38-39 PM

Of curse Caleb and I had known Kaden was too young to do something for us on his own so we had each gone with him to the store and picked out a present with him. Kaden had chosen to get Caleb a camera cause he wanted daddy to take lots of pictures of him. For me Kaden had chosen a seed packet cause he wanted mommy to grow more pretty flowers.

09-24-18_4-14-45 PM09-24-18_4-19-27 PM

Caleb and I also had a surprise for Kaden, it had nothing to do with parents day but the timing was right. We had gotten him a puppy but before we introduced them Caleb had to give the puppy a bath.

09-24-18_4-33-37 PM

Finally the time had come for us to give the puppy to Kaden and the cuteness melted my heart. There was just something about toddlers and puppies it was an awwwww moment. Kaden after holding the puppy and petting him declared his name to be Fidget.

Once Kaden was down for his nap, Caleb and I spent some time together. This time alone had lead to the birth of our second son Leon. Now we had a toddler and a baby, this shouldn’t be too bad right?


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