1.12: Testing Death

10-01-18_4-28-23 PM10-01-18_4-42-19 PM

We celebrated Leon’s birthday and I couldn’t believe both my boys were already children. I wanted Leon to stay a tot just a little longer but I knew he had to age. I brought him to his cake and out his candle went.

Afterwards, I felt like Caleb was having a battle with death. He tried his hand at cooking his first meal after becoming human and the stove caught fire. I panicked and gathered the kids, thinking Caleb was behind us. I was wrong, he was inside fighting the fire. Once the fire was out he worked on fixing the fridge, I really started to think he was testing death.

10-04-18_10-11-58 PM10-04-18_10-17-34 PM

Soon the temperature started rising and it become so hot we couldn’t stand it. We invested in a sprinkler and the boys loved it, even Caleb and I joined in on the fun. It was so much cooler than just sitting in the shade or staying inside.

10-04-18_11-44-18 PM

Than out of no where a storm hit and we had to retreat inside. Once we were all cozy in our jammies we put on a movie and settled in for the evening.


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