Ch.17: All Hallow’s Eve

Annabeth’s P.O.V

10-19-18_3-44-38 PM10-19-18_4-02-34 PM

Harvestfest went by in a blur, I was way to excited for All Hallow’s Eve and was even more excited when I discovered my birthday fell on All Hallow’s Eve.

10-19-18_5-17-33 PM

My brother’s and I had come up with the best costumes and not only that they wanted to make a deal with me. They wanted to have a costume party which meant everyone coming to my birthday party would be dressed up in costumes, but in return they’d take me trick or treating. Something I thought I wouldn’t get to do this year due to my parents busy preparations for my party.

10-19-18_5-58-11 PM

We got dressed in our costumes ready to leave but our dad stopped us, he couldn’t let us go without getting a picture. I dressed as Yoda while my brothers dressed as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

10-19-18_6-26-40 PM

Once we returned home the guests started arriving and the party was started. As the party went on, I noticed my brother’s had an ulterior motive to this party.

They each had invited the girl they liked. Kaden was successful in his attempts and got the girlwhoIknowhasanamebutIforgotten he liked to agree to be his girlfriend.

10-19-18_6-34-07 PM10-19-18_6-35-18 PM

Leon had his own success in his attempts but Lexie kept him in the dark of where they stood. He would have to persevere and keep himself on her mind.

10-19-18_6-52-54 PM10-19-18_7-06-01 PM

The party was soon to end and it was time for me to blow out my candles, I wondered what my teen years would be like and if I’d ever figure out what i’d want to do. My brothers seemed to have everything figured out and they knew what they wanted to do before they were even teens. I had such a love for music that I thought I’d be a musician but I also loved art, and fashion. I really wondered how my brother’s knew.


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