2.1: The Take Over

Kaden’s P.O.V

10-31-18_2-14-43 PM

Winterfest was fast approaching and unlike other families our tree was put up the night before. We all had gotten so busy that we hadn’t realized Winterfest was just around the corner.

11-02-18_12-53-30 PM11-02-18_12-56-26 PM

The next day we invited all our friends, the celebration started off with a lovely meal prepared by my dad. Than we moved on to presents.

11-02-18_12-59-11 PM

After awhile, I tried to separate Raelyn and I from the group. I wanted some alone time with her as there was something I wanted to ask her. We were just a few days away from our birthday and I knew I didn’t want to wait.

11-02-18_1-01-35 PM

Having difficulty to find a space where we could be alone I give up and just asked her in front of everyone. “Raelyn Brooke, since we met I knew you were the one and you’ve never proven me wrong. Your the best thing that’s ever happened to me so will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” my hands were shaking and sweat was forming on my brow. It felt like time just froze until she said “yes, Kaden Robinson, I’ll become your wife.” everyone around us started to cheer and that’s when we realized we were being watched but didn’t really care.

11-16-18_8-55-47 PM

The few days too my birthday just seemed to fly by, we threw a party and when the time came I made my wish, which was for me and Raelyn to be happy together like my parents. I blew out the candles and than my parents told me I was the heir to the family land. It didn’t bother me too much as I always hoped to continue my mom’s legacy in someway. Of course my brother and sister would be able to come and go as they please as it was their home too.

11-16-18_9-36-59 PM11-16-18_9-37-16 PM

The night of my birthday Raelyn invited me out said she had a surprise for me. At the time of our date, I met her in front of my mom’s old flower shop location. My mom had sold it deciding to spend the rest of her young age with my dad before they were both too old to do anything. On the lot now stood a small vet clinic “surprise” Raelyn said as she pointed tot he building “it’s ours” I looked from the clinic to Raelyn “your joking,” Raelyn shook her head with a smile “your mom only tore down the flower shop and with my help we re-designed it to be a vet clinic.” I pulled Raelyn close to me and kissed her on the cheek.


Over the next couple of days Raelyn and I got the clinic in order and ready to open for business. Soon we started to get some clients and I couldn’t believe I got to work with Raelyn as well. We had decided to be business partners and run the clinic together, I just hope it didn’t get in-between our relationship as well.


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