2.2: A New Year

11-24-18_8-28-20 pmThe business was going well and my relationship was going strong. We had our disagreements but it was mostly over wedding plans. We both agreed on something small but we hadn’t been able to agree on a place but finally Raelyn and I found the perfect spot.

11-24-18_8-52-48 pm11-24-18_8-58-09 pm

New year’s was finally upon us and I felt good about going into the new year. Everything was going according to plan and I felt I would be starting the new year on a good note.

Raelyn’s P.O.V

01-21-19_10-16-09 am

The wedding was just a few months away just about everything was decided except for my dress. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t picked out a dress yet.I had started to panic but Elise and Annabeth calmed me down. They even whisked me off to the nearest dress shop. We browsed the dress and picked out a few for me to try.

With the help of the shopkeeper I tried on the different dresses and showed them to Elise and Annabeth. None of us liked the first one, it was to fancy and didn’t really seem like me. While the next two were simple, they still just didn’t seem right. I started to think none of the dresses here would be the one until the final dress. It was perfect, it was simple yet elegant and it was me.

01-21-19_10-45-19 am01-21-19_10-46-56 am

Now that my dress was picked out, it was time for Annabeth and Elise. Neither of them took very long for they seemed to know exactly what they wanted, granted they didn’t have to pick out a wedding dress for their big day.

01-21-19_10-53-03 am01-21-19_10-58-46 am

After dress shopping, they surprised me with a trip to the spa where they had booked me a massage and signed us up for a yoga class. When we left I felt relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on anything that came my way.

A/N: I’m so sorry this chapter took this long to come out, things got a bit hectic and while I’ve managed to find a bit of time to play I didn’t really find time to write and post but things are settled now so hopefully chapters will come out as usual. Thanks to those of you who’ve been reading and you’ve been very patient 🙂


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