Heir(ess) Info:

It’s now time to pick an heir, information on both can be found below. At the bottom, you’ll see Vote Here click it to be taken to the poll. Good Luck to your favorite!

Kaden Robinson:

10-05-18_10-44-19 PM

Aspiration: Friend of the Animals(I think that’s what it’s called)

Traits: Genius, Outgoing

Bio: Kaden realized as a child he was really good with animals and didn’t like to see them sick or hurt so he’s decided to become a vet. He plans to open his own clinic and go from there.

Leon Robinson:


Aspiration: Master Vampire

Traits: Goofball, Jealous

Bio: Leon wants to be a healer like Kaden but instead of animals he wants to heal people. Now that he knows he has a very special gift he wonders if there’s a way to use it to heal those who can’t be healed by normal means.

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