Ch.8: Secrets

It was again that time for Ophelia to have a one on one with each of the guys so get to know them just that little bit more to see who would stay and who had to leave.

08-26-17_12-22-25 PM

Ophelia: Which is prettier me or the flower?

Pete blushing from shyness: The only flower I see is you

Ophelia noticed Pete’s blushing face and wonder why he was suddenly so shy and she asked him.

Pete: At home, my brothers usually ignore me so I ended up with a habit where I blurt things out when I’m nervous an to assure myself I’m in the room .

Ophelia: well what rotten brothers, what about your parents?

Pete: My dad ran off with an Alien but my mom, my mom is great she’s always giving me advice and was the one to convince me to come here.

Ophelia smiled as he talked about his mom: I’m glad she convinced you.

Pete: Me too

08-26-17_12-07-14 PM08-26-17_12-09-00 PM

Ophelia: Isaac why are you looking so down?

Isaac: I feel like this is hopeless

Ophelia: how so?

Isaac: there’s five other guys competing with me for you and their all just so much better than me.

Ophelia: Isaac you do not compare to the other guys. No one is the same you are intelligent, funny, and a nice guy.

Isaac: but you know what they say, nice guys always finish last.

Ophelia smiled: Excatly! If you finish last than that’s ok

Isaac realized what Ophelia had just done and felt a bit better about himself

08-26-17_12-02-00 PM

Ophelia: the use of color in this painting it’s amazing

Leo: uh-huh

Ophelia noticed Leo’s un-interested response

Ophelia: Leo is something wrong?

Leo: No, everything’s fine

Ophelia didn’t buy it but she didn’t press it either.

The matter with Leo was that all the guys had agreed not to tell Ophelia about the night before because they didn’t want her to feel sorry and apologetic to everyone but Leo was struggling with the truth and thought it best not to talk cause he was afraid it slip out.

08-26-17_1-00-13 PM

Ophelia: I’m so glad I choose this place the artwork is amazing

Ike: One can always appreciate good artwork

Ophelia: good!? Good artwork? This is more than good this is extraordinary! Work of the masters!

Ike realized he had stepped on one of Ophelia’s landmines and quickly apologized.

Ophelia: So tell me about your family

Ike was glad Ophelia changed the topic because he didn’t want it to become a big argument and Happily talked about his family.

Ike: well I’m the oldest and have 2 younger brothers, my 2nd brother decided to go straight into the workforce after high school, but my youngest went to college and I help him pay his tuition

Ophelia smiled seeing the love and pride in Ike had for his 2 brothers especially the youngest.

Ophelia: and your parents?

Ike: they divorced, didn’t see my dad much afterwards but he’s okay. My mom though raised my brothers and I all alone so we’re really close.

Ophelia could see the respect Ike had for his mother and knew any woman he ended up with would be just as respected.

08-26-17_12-30-19 PM

Cooper: the artist of this gallery is exquisite

Ophelia: I know, finally someone understands!

Cooper saw her smile and loved her smiling face

Ophelia: So tell me about your family?

The question Cooper had been dreading arrived; he really didn’t want to talk about his family and tried to think of a way he could turn it around…

Cooper: Why don’t you tell me about yours? or about that mystery guy in a few of the photos with you?

Ophelia’s smile turned into a thoughtful glance…

Ophelia: ok let’s not talk about family, let’s just enjoy the paintings.

While viewing the paintings, both of them thought about how the other had a bit of mystery to them.

08-26-17_12-36-47 PM

Korbin: So you think blue is my color?

Ophelia: hmm…

Ophelia stared at Korbin and the painting for a long while

Korbin: so that a no?

Ophelia: I think you’d have to try something blue on first

Korbin laughed at the likeliness of that happening

Ophelia: Will you tell me about your family?

Korbin: I’ve got a mom, dad, and siblings

Ophelia: haha, very funny

Korbin: I’ve not talked to them in awhile and really don’t want to talk about them.

Ophelia dropped the subject because she knew all about not wanting to talk about family.

Ophelia found herself feeling good about tonight and felt like she got to know a few of the guys better but tomorrow was her least favorite day. Tomorrow she had to send one sim home and she was at a loss as to who it would be.


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