Ch.20: Proposal

08-31-17_11-24-46 PM

Ophelia had thought about her choice all night and all morning and she knew who it had to be.

08-31-17_11-27-30 PM

Ophelia got on one knee and presented a ring to Ike

Ophelia: Ike my love, will you marry me?

Ike surprised: Y-yes!

In their excitement, neither of them had notice Korbin slip away so the couple could enjoy their engagement.

08-31-17_11-49-27 PM08-31-17_11-49-42 PM

The two had decided on a simple wedding in the park. Ophelia had invited her brother but he had taken off to somewhere in the park.

Ophelia and Ike exchanged rings as they said their vows. They were now husband and wife.

08-31-17_11-50-17 PM

After the ceremony, the park fireworks had begun to go off so Ophelia and Ike stuck around to watch them.

08-31-17_11-53-10 PM

The newly married couple also took a photo to hang in the living room.


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