Ch.2: Lost Love but it’s Okay

09-20-18_5-34-08 PM

I believe my flower stall to be a hit, the moment I opened sims practically ran over each other to get to me. Some were even return customers which surprised me as I didn’t think my flowers were all that special.

09-20-18_5-42-47 PM

After I sold out, I hang out with jimmy but as we talked my crush on him was crushed. I discovered he was married and I wasn’t going to be a home wrecker. So I was going to get over my crush and just be friends.

09-20-18_5-46-47 PM

Later that night, the most amazing thing happened and it wasn’t a dream. The hottest guy I had ever seen just showed up at my door. That just doesn’t happen but I’m glad it happened to me! We chatted for a bit and I learned his name was Caleb. We chatted some more than I got an invite to a party so I asked him if he wanted to come along.

At the party, we danced and boy did he have some moves. We chatted more and I realized how we never seemed to run out of things to talk about. This could be a wonderful friendship or relationship.

09-20-18_6-02-54 PM

I didn’t return home till 7am, I was so tired that I left all the dirty dishes were they where and decided i’d deal with them later. All I could think about was crawling into ym tent and sleeping. Caleb however had left me with some things to think about. Which I pondered over as I settled to sleep. He told me he had a condition that made it to where he couldn’t be in the sun and I saw how pale he was. I wondered if it was health related and decided I’d do some researching at the library when I woke.


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