Ch.6: Winterfest

09-22-18_7-55-43 PM

Winterfest was upon us, and Caleb showed off as we put ornaments on the tree. We each added a present waiting to be opened on Winterfest Day.

09-22-18_7-58-22 PM

On Winterfest morning, Caleb had greeted me under the mistletoe. We wished each other a happy Winterfest.

09-22-18_8-05-54 PM09-22-18_8-06-26 PM

While I got ready for the day, Caleb tried his hand at cooking me a grand breakfast. It didn’t turn out too well but I still ate it.

Caleb and I each added a present under the tree, than waited for father winter to make his appearance before we opened our presents. When he did, the present opening began. We were quite happy with our gifts and knew that after winterfest they would come in handy when adding onto the house.

09-22-18_8-01-15 PM

Before winterfest was truly over, Caleb wished our baby a happy winterfest and asked he or she to come out soon before I blamed the baby’s lateness on him. He got a playful slap on the head for that.


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