1.13: Kaden The Big Brother

Kaden’s P.O.V

Today I was in charge, my parents had wanted some time to themselves and asked if I could watch over my siblings. I felt like it had something to do with the other night when Leon and I had walked in on them. We wanted them to spray the monster under the bed so he wouldn’t come out but I think we ruined their hiding spot from the monster.

10-05-18_7-48-34 PM

Since Leon and I were so close in age he didn’t really need to be watched over but our baby sister Annabeth would need all my attention, she was a sweetheart and I’m pretty sure she had our dad, Leon, and I all wrapped around her little fingers.

10-05-18_8-28-51 PM

To truly get my siblings out of my parents way, I got permission to take them to the park. Fidget came with us naturally, I played fetch with him near the toddler playground so I could keep an eye on Annabeth while Leon had gone off to play on the other playground.

10-05-18_8-32-05 PM

I had taken my eyes off Annabeth for one second, just one second and it was all she needed to disappear. I panicked and Leon heard my distraught cry and came running over. He helped me calm down and than we came up with a plan.

We figured she wouldn’t have left the park, so Leon searched one half while I searched the other. All sorts of what if’s had ran through my mind as I searched but than I saw her and all thoughts left my mind. I ran too her and gave her a hug as did Leon once I called him over.

10-05-18_8-36-03 PM

Leon and I had agreed to keep this all a secret and prayed Annabeth wouldn’t tell on us. We ended up leaving not long after that because some adult walked by with no clothes on and we had to get Annabeth away before she saw what she shouldn’t.


A/N: the adult was streaking because one of the holidays I have set for summer is called Back to school and it was inspired by something my mom used to tell me and my brother as kids on the first day of the school year. She use to tell us that when the kids all went to school all the parents would have a street party with BBQ’s and that they go streaking cause there weren’t any kids around. So in my sims game I made a holiday called back to school with streaking as a tradition but the kids were suppose to be in school but for some reason the game returned them home after they left claiming the school day was over so they ended up being about during the parents holiday.


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